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For those people who are not where they would like to be financially, we offer Life Coaching to help you improve your current financial situation.  Are you living pay check to pay check or are you in debt?  Do you make “good money,” yet have nothing to show for it?  We specialize in helping clients create, preserve, and transfer generational wealth.  Based on our conditioning, we can develop negative attitudes about money.  We will begin to identify money habits that may be preventing you from achieving prosperity.  For instance, teaching you about Poverty Consciousness and how it can impact your ability to create wealth.  At Wealth Conscious, we offer a program which takes our clients from Poverty Consciousness to Prosperity Consciousness.  

In addition, if you are a private person when it comes to discussing money, we provide a safe, non-threating environment to talk with a money expert.  Any information shared will be kept in the strictest of confidence.  We then provide you with financial solutions and hold you accountable for achieving your personally agreed upon goals.  Find out what’s standing in your path to prosperity.   

At Wealth Conscious, we offer you the following services: 

Introducing Natural Laws

Overcoming Limiting Money Beliefs

Secrets of Wealth Creation

Analyzing Financial Status

Offering Financial Solutions

Putting You On The Road To Riches  

Attracting Money

Ten Percent Club


Money Management 

Spending Strategies 

Debt Elimination

Workshops / Seminars

Managing 401 (k) Plan:


You have been saddled with the responsibility of managing your own retirement money.  This task can be quite overwhelming without proper training or guidance.  Don’t jeopardize your financial future.  If you do not get it right, you may suffer the consequences in your golden years.  Let Wealth Conscious, help you establish your investment objective, select suitable mutual funds, and properly allocate your asset.

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